It has been over year since we moved in to our (new) remodeled house, and if anything was going to go wrong, it would have shown up by now. Since nothing has shown up, it is a good time to write a few thank you words to you and your crew.

That’s not why it has taken us so long to write, it’s just that we are slow to get to these things. But we talk about how much we love what you did and we tell everyone that we show the house too what it was like before and what you did to make it what it is today.

We love what you did with our dysfunctional house that we bought. The” million dollar” ideas your architect had, of changing the structural design of our house was truly priceless. The functionality of the house is really the most important thing in the long run.

Elevating the entry way, expending the nook to accommodate the dinning room, the opening of the stairways to provide openness , light and space , are just few things we enjoy daily.

We appreciate the workmanship of your carpentry crew, who were diligent in their execution of your design.

We also appreciate you giving us a totally free hand on less important things like purchasing our own appliances and making decorative ideas of our own. We love our remodeled house and will always be grateful for your part in making it our dream home.

Thank you all so much for what you have done for us.


Dale and Maria Bryant